NCLEX Test-Taking Strategy Tip

Tip #15: After you have selected an answer, reread the question.

Does the answer you chose give the information the question is asking for? Sometimes the options are correct but do not answer the question.

Example: A client is 88 years of age and has previously been alert, oriented, and active. The nursing assistant reports that on awakening this morning, the client was disoriented and confused. What initial action would the nurse take to determine the possible cause of this change in the client's behavior?
1. Review the history for any previous episodes of this type of behavior.
2. Call the health care provider and discuss the changes in the client's behavior.
3. Do a thorough neurologic evaluation to evaluate the specific changes in behavior.
4. Evaluate for the presence of a urinary tract infection and for adequate hydration.

Option 4 is the only answer that supplies what the question asked for ("determine the possible cause of this change''). The most common cause of a sudden change in the behavior of an older adult client is a significant physiologic change, often an infection (commonly in the urinary tract) or dehydration. Options 1 and 3 relate more to the gradual behavior changes seen in the progression of dementia and do nothing "to determine the possible cause... " Option 2 also does not provide any assistance in determining the cause of the behavior change; further nursing assessment needs to be conducted before calling for assistance.

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