NCLEX Test-Taking Strategy Tip

Tip #14: Some questions may have options that contain several items to consider.

After you are sure you understand what information the question is requesting,
evaluate each part of the option. Is the option appropriate to what the question is asking? If an option contains one incorrect item, the entire option is incorrect. All of the items listed in the option must be correct if that option is to be the correct answer to the question.

Example: In evaluating the lab data of a client experiencing renal failure, the nurse would identify what findings as indicative of increasing renal failure?
1. Increased BUN level, hyperkalemia, decreased creatinine clearance
2. Increased hemoglobin, hyponatremia, increased urine electrolytes
3. High fasting blood glucose level, increased prothrombin time
4. Increased platelets, increased urine specific gravity, proteinuria

Option 1 is correct. In a methodic evaluation of the items in the options, you can eliminate options. The item "increased hemoglobin and urine electrolytes" in option 2 and the item "increased urine specific gravity" in option 4 make these two options incorrect. Option 3 has nothing to do with renal failure; the blood glucose level is associated more with diabetes and endocrine problems.

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