NCLEX Test-Taking Strategy Tip

Tip #11: Identify similarities in the options.

Frequently, the options will contain similar information, and sometimes you can eliminate similar options. If three options are similar, the different one may be the correct answer. When two of the options are very similar and one of those options is not any better than the other, both of them are probably wrong, so start looking for another answer. Sometimes three of the options have very similar characteristics; the option that is different may be the correct answer.

Example: The nurse is assisting a client to identify foods that would meet the requirements for a high-protein, low-residue diet. Which foods would represent correct choices for this diet?
1. Roast beef, slice of white bread.
2. Fried chicken, green peas.
3. Broiled fish, green beans.
4. Cottage cheese, tomatoes.

Options 1, 2, and 3 all contain a meat or fish that would be needed for a high-protein diet; therefore option 4 can be eliminated. Options 2, 3, and 4 all contain a vegetable that has a skin, making these high-residue choices. The correct answer is option 1, for both high-protein and low-residue qualities. Note that the NCLEX will not focus on dishes that contain a mixture of foods, in which you would need to know the recipe to answer correctly. Also, unless specified, do not attribute special characteristics to a food; if a food has a special characteristic, it will be stated (e.g., "low sodium" soup or "low fat" yogurt).

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