NCLEX Test-Taking Strategy Tip

Tip #2: Do not read extra meaning into the question.

The question is asking for specific information; if it appears to be simple "common sense," then assume it is simple. Do not look for a hidden meaning in a question. Avoid asking yourself "what if...?" or speculating about the future ("maybe the client will..."). Don't make the client any sicker than he or she already is.

Example: A bronchoscopy was performed on a client at 7:00 AM. The client returns to his room, and the nurse plans to assist him with his morning care. The client refuses the morning care. What is the best nursing action regarding the morning care of this client?
1. Perform all of his morning care to prevent him from becoming short of breath.
2. Avoid morning care and continue to monitor vital signs and assess swallowing reflexes.
3. Postpone the morning care until client is more comfortable and can participate.
4. Cancel all of the morning care because it is not necessary to perform it after a a bronchoscopy.

The correct answer is 3. The question is asking for a nursing judgment regarding morning care. Do not read into the question and make it more difficult by trying to put in information relating to respiratory care, such as checking for gag and swallowing reflexes.

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